Approved Texas Online Defensive Driving Schools

Texas-Approved Online Driving Safety Course Providers
Address (URL) Course Provider Number School Number Course Name Telephone Number
Approved Texas Defensive Driving CP411 C600 Approved Texas Defensive Driving School 866-942-1937 CP520 C2386 American Safety Council - Texas Safe Motorist Course 877-463-2477 CP712 C2458 Driving University 877-937-4846 CP246 C1552 USA Driver Safety Course 877-233-3977 CP341 C0341 The Safe Driver Centre Course 877-664-4808 CP947 C1947 Safety-Ed™ Texas Driving Safety Course  800-980-2175 CP246 C2424 USA Driver Safety Course 800-449-0581 CP379 C2523 Texas Driver Safety Course by Drive Safe America 888/257-5377 CP246 C1900 USA Driver Safety Course 800-442-1149 CP021 C2084 800-851-3007 CP490 C1828 American Driver Improvement 888-522-2226 CP225 C1635 I Drive Safely 800-723-1955 CP853 C2620 Drive Like This Presents Texas Defensive Driving 855/326-8990 CP548 C2548 877/877-2525 CP750 C2185 Traffic 101 800-373-7313 CP156 C2526 888-718-3927 CP577 C2229 A Driving Safety Course by Safe2Drive 800-763-1297 CP814 C2067 A Sense of Humor Workshop 866-631-0414 CP342 C2663 Defensive Driving By Improv Comedy Club 800-660-8909 CP728 C0728 A Safer Driver 972-907-9886 CP343 C1760 866-528-3927 CP360 C1566 866-381-4131 CP090 C1995 The DTA Program for Driver Improvement 800-558-9887 CP319 C1742 Comedy Driving Inc. 866-357-2020 CP284 C1284 888-545-5422 CP935 C2565 Pro Defensive Driving 877-776-3389 CP246 C2036 USA Driver Safety Course 800-930-8329 CP997 C2755 214-336-9002 CP333 C1965 IDT 866-540-0584 CP871 C2228 Fast and Easy Online Defensive Driving Course 888-470-7881 CP600 C1600 Ticket Stop 800-485-4503
Texas Defensive Driving CP411 C0600 Texas Defensive Driving School 866-942-1937 CP206 C0206 Drive Defensively in Texas 888-428-8296 CP585 C2450 Defensive Driving Solutions 866-777-9366 CP058 C2182 866-766-7009 CP995 C2422 Aware Driver 877-299-4511 CP309 C2664 Cheap-Easy-Fast-Defensive Driving Online 800-554-4912
*List represents all TEA approved online safety training schools as of January 6, 2013. For a complete list of all TEA approved traditional and alternative delivery schools, visit the TEA website at
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